The goddess "Ostara": naming according to J.Grimm, too
“Festival of the Dawn”, around March 21st and around the equinox, still in the waxing phase of the moon!, which represents the resurrection of nature from hibernation and fertility.
Waxing moon = growth.

Old name origins are:
ags. Eystre, ags. Eastro = Easter, Old Saxon. Eostre-Eostreus, ahd. Ostarmanoth, germ. Oestras, ir. Tara, altind. usra-ushas, ​​lit. Auzra, Phon. Astarte, Latin aurora = dawn, Greek Eos = east, Austra = east. The original symbols such as egg and rabbit stand for fertility. Source book "Ostara (Arun Verlag)"

The ancient festival around the equinox is a celebration of the absolute joy of life, love, positive vibrations, light, femininity, the new awakening of nature.

The positive mood and joy of the people about the first green branches, the new colorful flowers that are already growing here and there, after the many dreary winter months. Everything is about a new beginning and a positive, loving, happy energy and joy at this beginning in nature's wheel of the year.

Go into nature and enjoy the new, powerful energy for a healthy and happy life. Happiness and love stand here as the opposite of destructiveness, sadness and negative energies.

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