Umweltfreundliches Künstler-Papier

Environmentally friendly artist paper

While on many channels, over the years and even more now, paint and other materials have been used in abundance during the production of art, spackled, poured, splashed, sprinkled, thrown, sprayed and so on. I have tried all these years to make my art as environmentally friendly as possible. Not really on mass, in small series and always looking for the right eco-materials that are not harmful to health. Some things were created using upcycling.

The environmentally friendly paper that I have been using for several years now is continuing to develop in its variety, much to my great joy. There are now more and more manufacturers who no longer rely on wood as a resource for paper production.

I started with artist bamboo paper, with a small amount of cotton. Nowadays, other fast-growing and sustainable raw materials are also used in paper production. In addition to bamboo, paper ingredients include hemp, sugar cane, sisal fibers and cotton. Usually a small amount of cotton is mixed with the other materials.

To be 100% sure, if the ingredients of the paper are not clearly listed by the manufacturer, the seal of quality is: the Blue Angel,

which is printed as a symbol on the environmentally friendly products. Incidentally, this seal of approval can be found on many school materials, which parents have to buy in large quantities every year.

Elsa Marshall-Rothstein

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