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Aluminium print from drawing

Aluminium print from drawing

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This aluminum photo print 20x20 cm, 30x30 cm or 40x40 cm comes from drawings from a series of nature motifs. The special metal print is made of brushed aluminum, which gives the image more depth and structure. The image was made from a DIBOND® plate made of brushed aluminum silver, also known as "AluDibond Butler Finish Silver". These prints are very durable and light in weight, a modern way of reproducing art.

-the print is matt, glare-free and light -the brushed silver AluDibond provides a unique metallic finish
-the grain runs horizontally, which gives a more dynamic look
-The aluminum print is about 3 mm thick and provides a stable and rigid base
-The direct printing technique ensures that the image is printed directly onto the surface of the aluminum DIBOND® plate, thus guaranteeing a reproduction of the highest quality
-The color white is not printed on brushed aluminum prints
-every printed white shimmers as metallic silver
-an extra hanging is included -this picture is created in collaboration with a production partner

The unit price includes shipping costs.
The regular delivery time is approximately 10 working days.
The product is manufactured using an environmentally friendly print on demand system. Aluminium is considered the most recyclable material, for more information see the blog article.

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